Your New Favorite Hangout Spot!

Par 94 isn’t just a golf simulator bar, we’re much more than that. We have countless games for you to enjoy for free! A few examples of games we offer at Par 94 include: washer toss, cornhole, throwing darts, pool, foosball and we even have select putting games such as putterball! Check out our ‘Contact Us’ page for our hours of operation!

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Introducing 2 new dart boards located at Par 94! Play this classic pub game with your friends and test your accuracy off of the golf course. Darts can be rented out at the bar for $10/hour and can be booked online ahead of time!
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Located in between bay 3 and 4 lies a beautiful pool table for customers to enjoy! The 8-ball style game has become very popular at Par 94 and it is a great game to play with or against your friends! Our pool table is also free to use!
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Foosball is essentially table soccer. This recreational game is extremely popular in Europe and it’s our turn to make it popular in Fredericton New Brunswick. You can play foosball 1v1 or 2v2.
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For those of you who have never heard of cornhole, it is a great recreational game where you attempt to throw bean bags onto the other opponents’ board. Cornhole games go to a score of 21 and games usually take 10-15 minutes to play!
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Putter Ball

Putter Ball is a great game for those with a competitive edge! Improve your putting stroke by playing against your friends. This game is similar to a typical ‘beer pong’ game, except you use a putter and putt the ball instead of throwing it!
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Washer Toss

Washer toss is a Maritime classic and a great game to play in the summer-time. Par 94 has washer toss that is free to use! Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to hear about any tournaments that we will be hosting later in 2023!
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Bay Your Way

A common misconception is that you can only use the bays for golf. NOT TRUE. There are tons of events happening in the sport world this summer, book a bay at Par 94 and use it to watch a sporting event! It could be the Stanley Cup Playoffs, NBA Championship, US Open golf and tennis, F1 and UFC fights. Our bays can be booked for any reason. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE FOR GOLF!