Nestled on the corner of Queen and Westmorland, Par 94 Bar and Golf Lounge is the first downtown golf destination in Fredericton. As you step into the 3600 square foot space, you will immediately be drawn to the golf simulator bays on the right side of the floorplan. Here, 2 of our 4 Trackman simulators are tucked in the corners of the west side of the building. Straight ahead you will be greeted with a reminder of where you are as the highlight wall of our space comes into focus.

As you take a few more steps, your eyes will naturally drift left and fall upon the centerpiece of the bar that highlights the diverse selection of drafts, wine, and spirits available. The impressive size and style of the bar is the main feature here and plays its role as the cornerstone of the facility.

Making the turn into the rest of the establishment, you will be greeted by a large gathering of seating, entertainment, and activity. The large banquet area boasts seating for groups of all sizes, and allows for a comfortable and relaxing space to unwind before or after your round.

A few more steps and finally the east side of the building completely reveals itself. The other 2 Trackman simulators are in sight at opposing corners of the space and couch seating along the large accent wall welcomes you in for a warm embrace.

We are excited to welcome you through our doors whether it's your first or your fifty-first visit. Our promise to you is an accessible, authentic and fun virtual golf experience.

4 Trackman Simulators

Our Trackman Simulators are top of the line swing analysis and ball flight radars used by the top golfers in the world. Trackman collects over 15 different parameters on every swing which translates into the highest accuracy virtual ball flight available.

With Trackman you can practice on the range, play a round of virtual golf, challenge your friends in various mini-games, or even compete against other Trackman players globally. All these game modes are available at Par 94 - book online to experience the best technology with friendly service.

All four of our simulators are available 7 days a week! Depending on the time you'd like to book, the price per hour is adjusted. You can have up to 8 people in your group (see Special Events for more). Call in or check online for availability. Club rental included.


Ready to join the club?

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